Administrative and Business support

Save your business time and money!

K.L.M Remote Business Support offer quality professional services to place the right people with the right jobs, on an as needed basis; allowing you to avoid large agency fees, employment contracts and annual salary. All our freelancers offer their services remotely, meaning you do not have to provide physical working space, and your business needs can be serviced from almost anywhere digitally. Whether you are looking to outsource work to highly skilled professionals or are a freelance professional looking to offer your services to businesses, we are happy to offer you our support. Contact us to arrange an appointment or call. We will have your business needs met in no time.

Experience You Can Trust

Service overview

Reliable Results

Administration and Data entry are crutial for business organisation. But some times they do not take priority over the physical work. 

This can impact on your customer service and quality of service. 

Let us help you with:


  • Data Entry

  • Data Administration, 

  •  Creating spreadsheets

  • Word processing

  • Presentation processing


let our freelance professionals complete telephony, digital and admin-based tasks to service customer queries

  • Call Handling 

  • Digital File organising 

  • Email management

Crucial for Success

The startup of your business could either make you or break you.

Many businesses learn through trial and error but "Startup" planning is not where you want to make mistakes. 

You provide the idea and we can help you put in motion.

  • Ready made business plan templates, designed around your business

  • Business One Pager (BOP)

  • Long Term and Short Term Objectives

  • Cahsflow Projection

  • Business Structure

  • Logo Design

  • Digital Support.

Exceptional Outcomes

Are you holding an event for potential clients and you want that wow effect? 

Are you trying to arrange a large multi-business meeting between clients or potential clients? 

Do you need calendars to sync and times to be agreed?


Do you need the meeting process managed? 

Let us help you!


Are you an existing business looking to make more online presence but don't know where to start

Are you looking to create an online store to allow you to continue servicing your customers during times of uncertainty? Let us help you with multiple digital solutions.

  • Branding

  • Landing Pages

  • Web Sites

  • Ecommerce

  • Social Media management

  • Online Booking management

  • SEO optimisation

  • 1 minute Video Adverts designed around your business - Capture your Audience in seconds